8 years ago, our family arrived here in Robinson.
Since that time, we’ve had the privilege to see and be a part of some amazing gains for God’s kingdom. We’ve laughed with, cried with, argued with, served alongside and celebrated with those inside and outside this church. And we went from being outsiders to people who have community. Those who have known us for a long time know that there was a time, years ago, when we weren’t sure we really fit in here in Robinson. But we found a place. We have a community. This has been our home. And for the past 8 years it has been a privilege to serve as Highland’s interim Worship Minister.

Because when you think about it, that’s what I am. That’s what all of those who serve in full-time ministry are…even Tom! 🙂 We’re all interim pastors and ministers. Whether we’re here for a few months or many decades, all of us are only here for little while. The time frame may be marked by God’s calling to serve the church in a different location or in a different way. It may be brought about by conflict or it may be by death or illness. No matter the reason, whether seen as a positive or a negative, until Christ comes again with a new Kingdom, the church on earth will always have interim ministers. The Bible is full of examples of men and women who served for a time and then someone else took their place. So thank you for opening your arms to our family and allowing us to serve at Highland. I’m so glad it was God’s plan to have us here for past 8 years. Our family has been able to grow and we’ve been able to play a part in what God is doing here. I look around this room, and this community, and see some of the people closest to our hearts. Thank you for loving us, supporting us, growing with us, being patient in my weaknesses, and willing to follow when we’ve led. I can’t even begin to express how awesome those who serve in the worship and tech teams are and how grateful I am to have had the chance to lead this great group of people. Or what a privilege it has been to stand up here so many times, even at 8:30AM and half of us are asleep, and for God to move in our hearts, and to be together welcomed into His presence. So this decision hasn’t been easy. But after much prayer, discussion and tears, we believe that God has given us the next step. Now, it would be great if God showed us the whole map, or at least the next few steps, but it doesn’t always work that way. God calls each of us to be faithful and follow Him, even if we don’t always know where we’re going. I am not 100% sure of many things, but I am sure that God is at work. He has a plan for Highland. He has a plan for the Bruces’. And part of being someone who is trying to follow Christ is learning to trust in Him in all things.

Highland would like to begin searching for a new interim Worship Minister, so it was decided to announce my transition in order to allow time for a new Worship Minister to be found. I will continue to serve and help lead things here during the summer @ HCC until either God directs us somewhere or sends someone here to HCC to serve. So this isn’t our goodbye. We have been in discussions with a few different churches and are seeking God’s direction on our next steps. I would ask for your prayers as we go thorough that process.

This week I met with various members of the worship team and there were, of course, lots of questions…Why? What’s this going to mean? What’s going to change? Who’s going to do x,y,z? And I can honestly say, I don’t have answers for all those questions. But I can say that some things will change. Somethings will be better. Somethings will probably not be quite the same. Somethings will go undone. And some of those things that I took care of probably weren’t that important anyway 🙂 . But I know that God has a way of working things out for good. So whether you hear this announcement and are happy, sad, or somewhere in between, know that God is in control, and He has great plans for Highland!